California Strategies, LLC, is a full-service public affairs consulting firm dedicated to successfully navigating clients through the myriad pathways of California's political, legislative, regulatory, and media environments. Our sister company, California Strategies & Advocacy offers state and local legislative and regulatory advocacy services that provide our clients with the necessary knowledge and insight to achieve winning results.

Strategic and Business Consulting

The Strategic Business and Consulting Practice, the cornerstone of the California Strategies’ approach, collaborates with clients to develop and execute fully integrated public affairs and governmental relations campaigns. Whatever the strategic objective, California Strategies’ world-class strategists understand and optimize every move on the public-affairs playing field including; federal, state and local governmental actions, issue management campaigns, procurement and grant application efforts, initiatives and ballot measures, private-sector relations, and policymaker and public outreach campaigns.

Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy

For clients seeking legislative advocacy, California Strategies and Advocacy is a separate company from California Strategies poised to deliver unmatched results. When clients are looking to impact proposed legislation and regulations, the expert team of professional governmental advocates in the Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy Practice is skilled, experienced, and prepared to open doors of opportunity in all branches of government.

All Advocacy work done on behalf of clients is within compliance with the Political Reform Act.