“'One of the most experienced political operatives in the West'"

— Phil Trounstein, then-Political Editor, San Jose Mercury News

“'He has an enormous amount of knowledge about all of the political players throughout the state, and he's almost utterly without the massive ego that most of the rest of us have.'"

— Ken Khachigian, a senior Republican political strategist and a former White House speech writer,
Los Angeles Times

During the last three decades, Jack Flanigan has been a well-known participant in the statewide public affairs arena where politics and public policy development merge. Recognized as one of the most effective political strategist in the state, he has served as a senior public policy advisor to some of the largest and most influential private sector companies in the country. As the co-founder of California Strategies, over the last two decades he has been instrumental in helping the company grow into the largest public affairs consulting firms in the state.  

Although he has handled a broad portfolio of issues during his career, one of his areas of special expertise has been helping to design solutions that address the impact that various legislative and administrative proposals will have on the real estate industry. Very early in his career, he had hands-on responsibility for the development of industrial office parks in Texas. That experience provided an extremely valuable foundation for the rest of his career in this sector. He has been the Executive Director of the California Housing Council, a coalition of the state's largest owners and operators of multi-family housing. From 1985 to 1992 he was Vice President of Public Affairs for the Irvine Company, one of the nation's most respected land developers and community planners. In this capacity, he oversaw all state and federal legislative activities related to the company's extensive real estate operations. Today as the representative one of the largest owners of commercial properties in the country, he is currently serving a member of the board of directors of the California Business Properties Association. 

In addition to his professional activities, Flanigan also has been actively involved with the creation of a number of private sector start-up companies. He was an original shareholder - and later member of the board of directors - of SuperShuttle International that has become the nation’s largest shared-ride airport ground transportation service.  Additionally, as the co-holder of a U.S. patent related to an innovative moisture detection technology, he has co-founded a new company that will enable building owners of large commercial and residential properties to identify moisture and mold growth before they become a problem.

On the political side, Flanigan has held key leadership and advisory posts in numerous state and national campaigns – for both candidates and initiatives. In 1975, he managed Pete Wilson's successful re-election campaign for Mayor of San Diego and went on to serve in senior capacities in all of Wilson's campaigns for Governor and the U.S. Senate. In 1992, he was appointed by the President H.W. Bush to serve as one of the two state co-chairmen of his California campaign.  

An important component of Flanigan's career has been his active participation in community organizations. He is the former Executive Director and later national board member of the Coro Foundation, a nationally recognized public affairs training organization.   He is also a Director Emeritus of the board of Athletes and Entertainers for Kids, a non-profit organization headquartered in California.  

Flanigan has accepted various assignments from the leadership on both sides of the political aisle. President George H.W. Bush appointed him to the President’s Commission on White House Fellowships. In March of 2012, recently elected Governor Jerry Brown selected Flanigan as one of his first two new appointees to California’s Little Hoover Commission, an independent state agency responsible for the oversight and investigation of state government operations. He later served as the Commission’s Vice Chairman.

Flanigan is a graduate of San Diego State University where he served as student body president. After graduation, he received a direct commission in the United States Army's Medical Service Corps and served as aide-de-camp to the Commanding General of Brooke General Hospital in Fort Sam Houston, Texas. During his tour in Vietnam, he was a member of the special USAMSC team that was responsible for establishing the first in-country drug detoxification centers. He is a recipient of both the Bronze Star and the Army Commendation Medal.

Upon returning from Vietnam, Flanigan received his Juris Doctorate degree from Boalt Hall at the University of California, Berkeley. He has been a member of the California State Bar since 1975.

Flanigan has two grown sons and currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.