Tony Brunello is a recognized expert on environmental policy and regulation, energy policy and regulation, technology, water, governmental affairs and coalition-building strategies with over 25 years of experience working in California and beyond. 

Tony’s partial list of current clients include managing multiple coalitions of equity investors, timber companies, tribes and non profit entities on wildfire, renewable, bankruptcy and cap and trade projects; developing new carbon capture and storage projects; helping fund and permit large on shore and offshore wind energy and pumped storage projects; building the most advanced autonomous vehicle fleet in California; creating new wildfire resistant building materials; and building California’s largest electric battery fleet.  Tony also started, led, and still serves on the board of the non profit Gridworks that is a leader in building a low carbon electricity grid where he helped start the state’s Distribution Grid Planning efforts.

Tony’s experience working for Governor Schwarzenegger included managing water, energy, and forest climate activities for the state’s Natural Resources Agency where he also provided expert witness testimony to Congress, sat on expert commissions and Boards and had significant media exposure. 

Tony also has extensive work experience with federal and international governments, nonprofits and companies on many topics.  Tony has a Master's of Science in Environmental and Resource Economics from University College London and a Bachelor of Arts in both Environmental Studies and Economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara.  He lives in Oakland with his wife and two daughters.