Transportation and Infrastructure

California Strategies is the leading advanced transportation governmental affairs firm in California. Our team of professionals has consistently helped clients secure unparalleled levels of federal and state grants and incentives for clean vehicles and low-carbon infrastructure and fuels.

We are experts in assisting our clients with state, regional, and local agencies to accelerate permitting and approvals for manufacturing, low-carbon fuel production, deployment, and sales, and electric and advanced-fuels infrastructure.

We specialize in aligning advanced transportation technologies with California’s economic and environmental goals—to clean the air, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, increase transit use, reduce toxic emissions from goods movement, and create jobs.

Our blend of technical and political expertise helps our clients achieve or exceed their transportation and infrastructure goals.

California Strategies has extensive experience in the following transportation and infrastructure related areas:

  • Marketplace Introduction of New Technology
  • AB 32 Compliance
  • Regulatory Agency Representation
  • Grants and Incentives for Advanced Transportation 
  • Permitting, CEQA, and Approvals
  • Coordination with ARB, Energy Commission, Air Districts, USEPA, and Others 
  • Low Carbon Fuel Standard and AB 32 Compliance
  • Fuel Standards and Variances
  • Communications and Messaging
  • Launch Events and Media
  • Transportation Programming
  • Legislative Advocacy

Our People

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Craig Benedetto


John Benton


Lina Bernal


Victor Franco


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Winston Hickox


Gary H. Hunt

Vice Chair

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Camden McEfee

Vice Chair of Business Affairs

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Founder and Chairman

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