Health Care

The California health care system is a whirlwind of activity, as state and local health officials, medical providers, hospitals, health plans and employers all prepare for implementation of the federal Affordable Care Act. In the near term roughly 3.7 million uninsured or underinsured Californians will be securing insurance coverage either through expanded public health programs or through the California Health Benefits Exchange.

At the same time, the health care system is undergoing a significant transformation from paper-based recordkeeping and documentation, to one that relies on the latest technologies for electronic collection, analysis and sharing of medical records.

For state and local government, this paradigm shift in the delivery of health and human services to existing and new beneficiaries will require traditionally segregated program administrators to coordinate with each other and adopt private sector business practices and information technology.

California Strategies-- being the only public affairs firm with offices in Sacramento and in the major regions of the state--is well suited to help clients navigate through California’s complex and diverse health care system.

California Strategies has extensive experience in the following health care related areas:
  • Legislative and Executive Branch Advocacy
  • Regulatory Agency Representation
  • Business Development, Contracting and Procurement 
  • Medi-Cal and other HHS Progams
  • CA Health Benefits Exchange
  • Local and County Health Systems
  • Information Technology and Business Analytics
  • Managed Care Plans and Health Insurance
  • Hospitals and Community Health Systems
  • Behavioral Health and Drug & Alcohol Treatment Programs
  • Pharmaceuticals and Rx Supply Chain
  • Biotechnology
  • Correctional Health Care Systems

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